Released in 1997, CipSoft’s Tibia is one of the first MMORPGs ever. And more importantly, one of the first games of that type that reached wide acclaim and commercial success. The story of the lasting battle between Humans and Zaroth’s armies quickly captured the imagination of gamers across the world. And nowadays, more than twenty years later, it’s still holding up.

How to play

xajaki demon helmetTibia is free to play, though there is an option to pay a fee and upgrade to a premium account, enabling new areas, spells, and ability to progress in vocations. The gameplay is based on the standard RPG and MMORPG mechanics – using weapons and spells to kill monsters, solving quests and earning experience, which is used to level up the character. But the true speciality of Tibia is the role-playing, which adds to the depth of the immersion.

The mystery of the level 999

xajakiBack in 2005, CipSoft released the game update which introduced the mysterious door that requires a player to be level 999 before being able to open it. And it took years before someone was able to do so. It was only in 2016 when two players reached the level 999 and passed through the door. But even so, the secret of what’s behind the mysterious door remained a mystery.

Tibia today – Twenty years later

It’s more than twenty years since Tibia was originally released. With more than 150 servers worldwide, the game still boasts of 1.3 million of registered accounts, and around 50 000 active players. But some of the recent changes, such as making quests and gameplay easier, has driven many loyal players from the game while failing to bring the new ones. Today, rumors also says that slot developer Microgaming will produce a casino game based on the game. But, judging by regular updates and active population, the game is still going strong. Tibia is here to stay.