League Of Legends

League of Legend is an online multiplayer game that was released in 2009 by Riot games. League of Legends or just League how the gaming community likes to call it has a more than 100 million active players monthly. It games popularity led it to rank one in watched hours on popular streaming platforms like Youtube and Twitch.

Summoners And Champions

League of Legends features players- summoners that control champions and go to war in an arena that is called The Rift. Every player can control only one champion and has teammates and enemies. The most popular version of the game is 5 vs 5 in which each team tries to defeat enemy players by destroying their nexus. With every game u win or lose you get or lose points that put you on a regional leader-board.

Roles And Teamwork

Every of the 5 players on a team can pick from several champion types. The six types of champions are marksman, mage, assassin, tank, fighter and support. On the Rift teamwork players a crucial role and the team that plays the best to their champions strengths and flaws has a higher chance of destroying the enemy nexus.

Leagues Competitive Scene

Leagues competitive scene has regional competitions on almost every continent. In Europe and North America Riot games organize the League Champions Series commonly named LCS in which professional teams compete. LCS has his counter parts in China, South Korea, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Brazil and many more regions. The World Championship has a prize pool of 4 million USD.

Betting on League of Legends

As the game has grown as massive as it has, it is no surprise that also the online betting community would follow shortly after. There are several sites focused on e-sports out there today and you can easily find league of legends betting tips on several sites if you would like to get into it.