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Defence of the Ancients is a popular Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA for short) which has garnered the attention of competitive players for a long time! It was first created as a mod of the popular RTS (real time strategy) game Warcraft III by Blizzard Entertainment, by an independent creator, Icefrog. Today, Dota II is competitively played the world over for huge tournament prizes!

A Multiplayer Game

DotA has you join a team of 5 mighty heroes and battle it out against another team of the same size. Each player controls their own unique hero, with their own spells and abilities, and they try to gather gold, experience and items to be able to defeat the opposing team’s ancient, all the while defending their own ancient (thus the name Defence of the Ancients). Multiplayer games have since largely been influenced by DotA.

Influences by RTS and RPG alike

dota pictureDotA draws influences from two major genres in gaming, RTS (real-time strategy) and RPG (roleplaying game). As it was originally a mod inside the Warcraft III game, which is an RTS, it includes some tactics and strategies one could expect in a game of that type. The other genre heavily influencing DotA, the RPG, is usually known for its gameplay including leveling (getting more experience and improving your hero’s abilities).

Huge Paying Tournaments

E-sports, in general, are noting an upwards trend in recent times, as more and more audiences gather to watch their favourite teams battle it out for supremacy on the screen. Some tournaments offer multi-million dollar winnings to the teams who get to the podium, bringing e-sports (among which DotA is one of the favorite) to nearly the same level as some real-life sports.