Alchemist Lab

alchemist lab playtech slot

There is one particular art that is considered more magical and mythical than others. The art is known as Alchemy. This mythical art has made its way into online casinos through games that are inspired by it. One such game is Alchemist Lab by Playtech. The slot comprises of 3 rows, 3 reels, and one payline.

Alchemist Lab Symbols

Alchemist’s goal is to turn lead into gold, but in the case of this slot, it is to turn your wagers into wins. Alchemist’s Lab is beautifully designed with a simple yet modern design. The game is based on the science of Alchemy with background and the symbols reflecting the equipment of an alchemist’s lab. The symbols on the reels are gold rings, coins, spell books, and green, red, and blue potions.

Alchemist Lab Bonus Game

The slot comes with an interesting bonus offer. During the main game, you should strive to get three spell books anywhere on the reels. This triggers the bonus game, where you get to choose three potions out of seven potions. You’ll then mix them to create some amount of gold, which is paid out in the form of cash.

Verdict Regarding Alchemist Lab

Alchemist’s Lab has taken a break from the common casino styling. It doesn’t have the blinding lights that may distract you as you play. It has focused on what matters the most; pure slots action. It is a simple video slot that reminds us of the original slot/fruit machines of past years. It is, with no doubt, a game worth a try.